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Throughout the transition process we will have these 6 guiding principles supporting us in our journey so that both parishes work together to be a stronger, brighter and more powerful sign of Christ in our world today.


(1) We trust that the Holy Spirit will work through all of us to build a vibrant family of parishes that transcends even the greatest vision that we hold at this time.


(2) We commit ourselves to the development of a transition process keeping in mind the requirements and needs of all the faithful of each parish, the Pastoral Plan and the guidelines offered by the Diocese of London


(3) We approach this dialogue reverencing both parish communities as equal partners in the building of our new family of parishes.


(4) We trust that God will enable us to realize the common good.


(5) We will approach the changes/challenges as opportunities as we co-create a new reality.


(6) We will seek input from parish leadership and the faithful in our process.